Having reverence for that which is crafted by hand, Trip eschews fast fashion and industrial processes. He has developed a practice that is intentional, compassionate, and focuses on the relationships between the divine, his energetic visions, the act of creation, palettes and materials, and the recipient of the works. Trip sources the nest Delica beads, high grade animal hides, and embellishments from local suppliers in his community. Graphic interpretations of forms in nature are set against the natural contours of the body.


Angel Wing Leah

The Angel Wing Collection is made for all woman. Often seen on Facebook or Instagram, they add a youthful flair and elegance to a classic white T. Multiple variations of the same designs are created with customization of color combinations chosen by the client or from Trip’s small-run collections. The Angel Wings come in hook or snap-back post $80 a pair.



The Trip Charbs x Manitobah Mukluks Storyboots collaborations represent a series of artist inspired mukluks, moccasins, and jewellery.

three tier dreamcatcher earrings.jpg
 Dreamcatcher Earrings (blue) $80

Dreamcatcher Earrings (blue)

 2.5" Dreamcatcher Earrings $100

2.5" Dreamcatcher Earrings

 Ladies Floral Lattice Mukluks $800

Ladies Floral Lattice Mukluks

 Dreamcatcher Earrings (red) $80

Dreamcatcher Earrings (red)

 Tri-level Dreamcatcher Earrings (teal) $200

Tri-level Dreamcatcher Earrings (teal)



Exclusive, hand stitched items are produced by Trip himself with embellishments done in his signature glass and 24K Delica beads. These limited edition pieces are available only a few times a year.



Trip also beads one-of-a-kind necklace and earring sets, custom made for a client’s special event, elegant occasion, or signature celebration.



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